Effort Foundation



All of the funds raised go towards helping refugees – we don’t have offices, marketing budgets, payroll, office rentals or any other costs. We donate our time and our own funds as well to keep this initiative going.

Providing Basic Needs

We offer food, clothing and housing to those who have fled the Ukraine. We also organize first contact with a doctor for those who need it. We assist with the registration process and obtaining Polish social security numbers, as well as the school signup for kids.

Providing Housing

We operate in Poland, on the front lines of the refugees’ flow, where people get the first touchdown on land not impacted by war and where refugees receive first help. Once they come to the border, they are directed to other towns where they can receive housing and further help. So far after 18 days 1,500,000 refugees went through the border, so needs are huge.

Shipping Supplies
We send medical and other supplies across the border to Ukraine to help those who stayed in Ukraine. All supply chain to Ukraine is broken so it is crucial to send basic medical supplies like gauze, painkillers, wound care supplies, batteries, flashlights, baby food and other.

About Us


We are a group of people who, having experienced life under Soviet control as children, are dedicating our efforts to helping the endless stream of Ukrainian war exiles. We are led by Dorota Applebaum, a real estate investment banker and investor who is entrepreneurial and has strong project management and execution skills. Despite many of us now settled across the world, we’re working together to raise funds from across the world. We’re organizing transport, logistics, housing, food, legal assistance and healthcare for refugees, as well as support for children to minimize disruption to their education. We’ve come together to try to offer back a slice of normality to those who have lost everything in the Russian invasion of a peaceful democracy.

We have no operating expenses; we donate our own time and resources and 100% of your contributions will go to helping Ukrainian families.

Hummingbird Effort Foundation was incorporated in Delaware on March 8, 2022 and assigned an EIN 88-1106591. An application was submitted to the IRS on March 11, 2022 for 501c3 status.

Why are we involved?

What is the philosophy behind what we do?

For the first time for many of us, we are witnessing the humanitarian cost that war has on people’s lives. We are experiencing the plight of the refugees first-hand, fleeing across the borders and into our own country. People just like us, pulled abruptly from their everyday lives and deprived of absolutely everything they once had: food for their families, clean clothes, warm beds, education, medical help. Innumerable people arriving with their newborns, their children, and their entire lives packed into one small backpack.

Seeing all of this has brought about an urgent call to action: in the name of humanity, civility, and solidarity towards others, as well as that of our own Western culture. An unquestionable desire to assist these refugees in beginning new, independent, and self-sufficient lives, in the safety of new countries. A belief that a powerful impact can be brought about through a shared collective effort.

Stories of Real Families